7 Mindset Shifts for Making Money from Your Writing

Your craft is more than an art; you can earn a stable income from it. But some creative people approach writing as if it is a fragile renaissance art.

They concern themselves only with the beauty of their work and not the money they can make from it.

The artist looking to earn money from his craft cannot toe the path of the starving artist. If you must make money from your craft, you need to have these seven mindsets, and constantly repeat it to yourself.

I am into Writing to Make Money

Please do not say you are not in it for the money because the art is satisfying. If that thought is somewhere in your mind, flush, purge, exterminate, please get it out!

You cannot succeed with that attitude. Your craft won’t suffer for you to make money from your writing, and you can improve your craft with the money earned.

The world does not need starving artists. Your craft is money if you have the right mindset to make it financially viable.

I am an Entrepreneur

As a writer, you create value from an idea. Be it a novel, essay, or a screenplay, you offer value to a potential buyer.

Recognize your craft as a product you can sell. Decide what you want from things you create. Is it a book deal followed by film rights and merchandise sales?

Do you intend to turn your blog into an online magazine about a particular niche?

To make money from your craft, be entrepreneurial. Study your industry and learn new ways to improve your skill.

Know the basics of marketing, bring your business online, and reap the benefits. Your work is an art and a business. Know both aspects.

I am International

The world is no longer a village. Today’s’ world is an overcrowded bedroom with vast opportunities for creators.

The local bookstore cannot be the high point of a fulfilled dream for an author.

A Nigerian dancer taught Beyonce a dance and appeared in her video. Why? Because he shared his talent on the social media for the world to see.

Don’t create your content for your locality alone. There are South Africans interested in stories from Congo, and some Norwegians are madly in love with Nigerian music.

Many authors have their writing translated into other languages.

So what’s your reason for not thinking about the international market when you market your craft?

Find every available means online and offline to get your work around the world and make money from your writing. Take your ‘local’ to the global. The world is connected.

I am Tech Savvy

In our fast-moving world where new technologies come up to outshine old ones, you fall either in or out of trend.

New and old creative business owners are on social media to interact with the potential audience for their crafts.

Yes, I know some writers don’t have social media accounts, but they are few. They are also usually accomplished writers, but a new writer cannot do that.

Embrace different technology innovations that can help you make money from your craft.

I Must Multiply my Income

Check out this scenario:

  • A writer starts a blog, where she shares her experience and writing tips.
  • Her blog becomes popular and has about a thousand subscribers.
  • She also earns money from writing for magazines.
  • Due to the value of her blog, she gets a lucrative book deal that becomes a bestseller. Why? Her blog subscribers bought the book and recommended it to many others.
  • With the popularity of her book, she hosts her own show about writing on the television.

Wait a minute!

This is the dream of many creative people, and some have achieved that dream.

It can start with a blog or a YouTube channel, but it does not have to end there. Discover and earn from many levels of opportunities as you can find.

I am Financially Responsible

Lack of budgeting skills is a big challenge to creative people, especially those who are already making money from it.

If you are interested in making money from your craft:

• learn the basics of bookkeeping

• know how to pay yourself

• Decide how much to save and invest

• If you can, hire accountants and tax consultants

No matter what you do, don’t leave the management of your money to your agent, friend, or personal accountant.

It’s money from your writing, not theirs. Monitor it.

I am Open to Change

Have a growth mindset because change is constant.

The publishing industry is changing. More people buy books online than in bookstores. If you are a writer, learn e-book publishing.

The way we earn money from blogs now differs from the days of blocking every white space with ads. Now we talk of webinars, online courses, and podcasts, as better ways to earn from your blog.

Work with the changes. Be among those who drive the opportunities in these changes.

What works today is obsolete tomorrow, but you don’t have to be obsolete. Master your craft and lead its evolution. Become an authority and make money from it.


Maybe not everybody wants to earn money from their writing, but if you have been reading this article, you must have money on your mind.

It’s however, not enough to say it to yourself. You must take action.

There is no reason you can’t make it happen. Improve your skills and embrace these seven money mindsets. The sky is the beginning.



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Ladipo Titiloye

Ladipo Titiloye

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